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When was the first time you wore a real bowtie?

For me it was when I was about 10 or 11, I used to watch my father put his on and wear them all the time and I wanted to be just lik ehim. I would sneak into his room while he was at work and play around with his ties untill one day when I finally figured out to tie one my self. He was so proud once I showed him what I had learned that he took me out to get one of my own. That was the turing point and after that I wanted to wear them all the time. 

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Yes positive attention like that can make one want to strive to do things like that more often. I see so much of myself in you as I too strived for formality at a younger age. 

Well I'm glad it did would be a shame if such a handsome man like you had to keep his dressing a secret. 


Last night my black bow tie looked like it belonged to a naval officer lol

Sounds lovely. 

My first time wearing a pre-tied one was when I was 4 and I asked my Granddad to get me one.

My first time wearing a self-tie was when I was turned 13 and I decided to go buy a plain black one.

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