For those who love bowties.

Does anyone have any stories about their favorite experiences with ties?

Here's one for you all. Bear in mind, it's not a bowtie story but it is an awesome tale about "learning" to tie a necktie.


When I was in college, I used to have the biggest crush on my business professor. He was super-cute and very well put together. Being an attorney, he would come to class everyday in these amazing suits. More often than not, he would remove his jacket for class but would always keep his tie tied in the most amazing full-windsor knots that I've seen in a long time. He would also sometimes fondle them a little while he was lecturing.

I knew he was straight and all, but that didn't stop me from fantasizing occasionally. After all, in the privacy of our thoughts we can be as childish as we like ;-)

Finally, one day I decided to have a little personal fun with him. It was totally innocent but I enjoyed every second of it with a passion. One day, I wore a white dress shirt, pressed khakis, and a pair of black dress shoes and belt to class. I hung back after class and asked him for a favor.

"You see, I have a job interview in an hour and... Well... I don't know how to tie these things. Can you show me how?"

From my pocket, I pulled out my basic red tie with subtle black/white/silver stripes running across it. It's my standard go-to tie for whenever I can't decide what to wear and need to play it safe.

He smiled widely and said he'd be glad to help. He then untied his own tie, told me to button my shirt all the way up and to drape the tie around my neck. He then proceeded to show me how to tie one of his full-windsor knots. I followed his instructions to the letter, feeling a little hot under the collar while doing so. The thing is, he was slightly taller than me and so, as a result, my tie ended up being a little longer in the narrow end than it should have been. So he had me untie it and showed me again...

After the second try, the knot came out nearly perfect. Then... Without warning...

"Here you go, let me help you with that."

He leaned down and straightened it for me. Drawing it up tightly to my collar and ensuring that it was dimpled properly. I had to take special care to keep my breathing under control as my pulse was racing. Once he was finished, he patted me on the back and told me that I looked great.

"You've got this thing in the bag! You've got the skills, you've got the tie, now get over there and knock 'em dead!"

He held the door open for me. Realizing that the experience was over, I thanked him and walked out. My head was held very high and my adrenaline was rushing. I was finished with classes for the day and went home, keeping the tie tied perfectly all the way.

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Not long ago, on a Saturday morning, I'm driving along all suited, buttoned-up, and bow tied. At a light, I see a woman waiting to pull out of a parking lot or gas station. In the passenger seat was a young man I assume was her son, early high school age, maybe 14 or 15. What drew my attention was that he was all buttoned up in a stiffly-starched white shirt, long sleeved, with a very well-tied bow tie, either a navy blue or teal green print. It was clearly self-tied, but perfectly done. Reminded me of myself at that age. He was sitting very straight, perhaps a tad self-conscious. I assumed he had a suit jacket, carefully folded in his lap or hanging in the back seat. I wondered where he was going so early on a Saturday, and how he felt so perfectly buttoned up and bow tied. I remembered my own early days of being bow tied at that age. Have to say, I envied the kid!

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