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How did you learn to tie your own bowtie?

For me I was around 10 or 11 and always watched my father put on his bowtie, I was quite intregued by it and alwasy wanted to wear one of my own. I suppose he though I wasn't old enough for them yet or something. We when he was at work I used to sneak into his romm and try out his bowties messign around with them. I tried to tie one myself from watching how he did it and eventually I figured it out.

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I wore clip ons, banded styles and elasticated versions when I was a young boy growing up in England - my first tie your own style was for a wedding where I was page boy- I guess maybe 10 or 11 years old - I had a lot of older cousins and I had been page boy at many weddings from the age of about 5- 14 and always was at minimum formally dressed for these, sometimes in some way over the top and fancy styles. This particular wedding the grooms men and me as page boy all wore the same color tuxedos but we had real self tie bow ties - I couldn't tie it very well despite the couple of hours spent practising- so it was tied for me, but after that the clip ons and pre-tied styles didn't have the same thrill of tying a proper bow tie! I was about 14 when I bought my first self tie style.
My father taught me, he had worn them a lot and I always wanted to try a real one like his. One day I finally got him to show me how, it took several attempts before I cought on. Once I figured it out I was so excited and there was no going back from that moment on.
There is a good video on my website at - I make bow ties and I am always teaching people how to tie them and this was the best video I foound so I added it to my website.

YOU taught me! :-)

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