For those who love bowties.

As much as I love wearing bow ties and am thrilled to finally be able to tie them for real, I think I still prefer long ties and there are a few reasons as to why...

1 - Easier to tie - They just are for me... Thought I will admit I am getting better at tying bow ties and so maybe this will change in the future.

2 - Versatility - A long tie is acceptable in almost any situation unless it's a formal event which calls for a tuxedo. THEN a bow tie is required! But otherwise, I find that they're more accepted in a wider ranger of scenarios. For instance, a job interview. While I'm sure that plenty of people have worn bow ties to an interview, I find that I'd rather air on the safe side and go with a long tie since it will not be questioned in the slightest. For all you know, the interviewer will view a bow tie as too quirky and it could count against you (which totally sucks). I dream of a world where a bow tie is universally accepted and doesn't turn so many heads.

3 - I forget I'm wearing them - I've been wearing a bow tie all day now and I keep forgetting I'm wearing it. I always remember when I'm wearing a long tie since I can see it every time I look down and since it swings whenever I move.. I can also feel the knot pressed against my collar more when I wear a long tie since I'm a stickler for windsor knots.

4 - Letting it fly - What can I say? I love letting my tie flap in the breeze whenever I walk around outside on a windy day. Bow ties don't do that unfortunately :-(

IN CONCLUSION... I'm sorry if I've disappointed any of you with my pro-necktie agenda. I still love bow ties, but I just prefer neckties and thought that this could be an interesting discussion for us. What are your takes on the different kinds of neckwear?

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Joel; Well said. If I were only allowed to have one or the other, it would have to be the long tie, simply because I'm required to where one at work. But I prefer bow ties, and the reasons why more or less line up with your 4 reasons.

1 - People assume bow ties are hard to tie. It's kind of fun that people think you're some kind of genius because you can do it. I've been wearing them since just before you posted this discussion. I still need a mirror to do it, but tieing one comes pretty easy to me now. After a lifetime of tieing a Windsor every day, I can do it without a mirror. But there are enough variations in shirts, pants and ties to where I still have to average tieing the knot twice every day to get the length right.

2 - They're not something people see every day. I'm not really a "Hey, look at me!" kind of guy, but I like that they do make me kind of memorable. This is sort of the opposite of the job interview scenario you mentioned. (which you're correct about)

3 - I can forget I'm wearing it. It won't fall in my soup, or get caught in machinery. I can't spill anything on it.

4 - They are fun to wear.  I do love the "tie flapping in the breeze" effect that you mentioned, which obviously bow ties don't do. I just love wearing them, and I can't really explain why I feel that way. I do know that for the last couple of months, if I'm off work, I'm wearing a bow tie when I leave the house. For over 30 years I've worn a necktie to work every day, and never once thought of wearing one outside of work if I didn't have to .


If a bow tie could be made part of the uniform, I'd be a really happy guy. Until then, I'll be wearing a necktie 5, 6, sometimes 7 days a week. That's just the way it has to be.

I started wearing bow ties - only bow ties - at the very beginning of high school. It was a Catholic high school where the guys had to wear ties. I chose to make mine bow ties. Been wearing them exclusively ever since. For me, it just looks - and feels - so much more dressy and formal to be in a suit and all buttoned up in the stiff collar of a heavily starched shirt (preferably white) with a perfectly tied bow tie nice and snug up against my collar riding nice and high up my throat.

I have been wearing them for quite some time as well, since I was about 12 I suppose. Once I learned to tie my own that was that and I have been wearing one pretty much everyday since. What most fail to realize is that the bowtie is the same knot as tying your shoes and when you break it down is not all that hard, but having it against their neck vs on their feet confuses them. Personally the bowtie as far more advantages then the neck tie, like not flopping around or getting caught in doors or in food. Also the attention you get from others for wearing one is a nice bonus.

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