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I recently caught onto this new show called the worst cooks in America, it is this show on the food network in which they find these home cooks that are less then antiquate and teach them to be better cooks. Anyways on there is this fellow who wears bowties, and of course I am rooting for him. so I thought it would be neat to discuss other in film or tv that wear bowties and see if we can't get a fun discussion going or something. here is a pic of the guy I am talking about, his name is Michael.

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Harrison Ford wears a decent bow tie in Sabrina, and also occasionally wears them in the Indiana Jones movies.

Yes I remember him from Sabrina those were lovely bowties he had on wish there was a pic for the others to see.

Tucker Carlson used to wear bow ties, but they looked ridiculous. Too small and poorly tied. Britt Hume on FOX News occasionally has worn a bow tie.

Yeah I remember Tucker Carlson his were so tiny, they really gave into the whole nerdy stereotype bowties have had over the years. I know this sounds odd but I was glad when he stopped wearing them. I have never seen Britt Hume in one before though, I will have to look for that. if we are talking about news personalities or politicians then I must mention Peter Morichi and Earl Blumenaur, they both wear them quite frequently and are far more successful at it then Tucker ever was.

Yeah, if you're going to wear 'em, wear 'em right! Pee Wee Herman I won't even bring up!

well his were clip ons I don't count those.

Point well made.

I firstly must apologize for not being a more active member of this network. I am now playing catch up on the content I've missed:

I have noticed a big upsurge in the number of bow ties popping up on folks on TV. as recently as this weekend Shannon Sharpe has been donning a bow tie or two on CBS Sunday Football studio analysis - he had quite a large butterfly style this past weekend.

A chap to watch for, coming in January I believe is Gareth Malone from It takes a Choir - there is a new show that USA Networks will air - see link - this link will indicate a November start but it was rescheduled to find a more appropriate time slot. 

Charles Osgood will still be the leader for TV Bow tie wearers - and Frank Muir and Robin Day from my English upbringing!

Best Wishes


those are all lovely examples, Beau. It is good some of our earlier members are coming back. 

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